Barcode Labels offers a wide range of blank label sizes, label materials and backing
types including (Minimum Order quantities apply):

  • Plain or Gloss, white or coloured (but not all colours work with Barcodes), paper or plastic (Polypropylene, Polyester) suitable for Thermal Transfer Printing (recommended where long label life required).
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons – used on paper or plastic (Polypropylene, Polyester) .
    Three grades available:

    • Wax – suitable for short life paper labels and subject to minimal scuff resistance.
    • Wax/Resin – suitable medium life, paper and synthetic label materials and where some scuff resistance and longer life is required.
    • Resin – suitable for long life Asset Grade Labels – Electronics & Appliances (UL recognised nameplates), Drum Labels, Asset Tracking to name a few.
      Designed to endure outdoor exposure to rain, snow and ultraviolet light for 3 years or more when paired with compatible label media. e.g Polyester, nylon.
  • Direct Thermal (Thermally Sensitive) Paper or Polypropylene for non-ribbon Printing (recommended for short life labels). A quick test is to press your thumb nail down firmly and run quickly across label – if it leaves a black line it’s thermally sensitive.
  • Tags – paper card or Tyvek™ with perforation, square or die-cut corners with or with-out ‘C’ type cut hole for swing tag attachment. If Tag has no die-cut gap then there must be a black Registration Mark underneath to indicate next Tag/Label to the Printer. Be aware some printers do not have adjustable gap sensors.
  • Custom shapes – example Butterfly shaped labels for Jewellery price tagging.

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    All Labels are quoted $/1,000 (Excludes F & H, GST).

    All Labels are quoted $/1,000 (excludes F & H, GST).
    Labels are supplied wound onto rolls with quantities to suit the maximum outside dimensions of the major brand Label Printers (Intermec™, Zebra™, Datamax™ to name a few).

    Roll Size must also include the inner core diameter to suit your Label Printer – 76mm, 38mm.

    Labels are supplied either ‘narrow edge leading’ or ‘wide edge leading’ – This simply describes the label’s orientation as they exit the Printer.

    Labels can be supplied more than 1 across if your Printer’s Printhead is wide enough and you mainly print batches of labels.

    We stock a wide range of blank label sizes and types ranging from 6mm x 26mm Polyester to 100mm x 200mm Direct Thermal paper.


    We will attempt to ship most of the standard sizes same day via CouriersPlease or Express Post  if your Order is received before 1.00pm AEST.

    Contact us for further assistance with your needs:

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    Example of flood coated coloured blank paper labels that can be overprinted with Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printers.


    An example of an applied VOID label and then partially removed. Note the remaining white ‘VOID’ if label removal is attempted.


    Intermec ThermaMAX Ribbons

    We can supply a wide range of genuine Intermec ThermaMAX and compatible Thermal Transfer Ribbons to suit your Label Printer requirements including:

      • Roll length, width,
      • Inner core diameter,
      • Ribbon has inkside-out or inkside-in. Just stick and remove a piece of masking tape onto ribbon surface and if it lifts off ink then that’s the Inkside.
      • Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin Print Hardness,
      • Suitable for Paper, Polypropylene, Tyvek®, Polyester, and other Label materials.

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