Generate Warehouse Locations Database ready for your WMS

Barcode Labels has developed its own software designed to efficiently and accurately create a database of each Storage Location including storage dimensions, storage type – Pallet Beams, Long Span Beams, Carton Live Storage, Shelving, Cabinets. Carousels and Drawers as well as their method of accessibility which enables smarter warehousing operations – pedestrian, stock picker, forklift.
Shortest Barcode Picking Route data can be included if your WMS supports this.
Generated data is supplied as a .csv (comma separated variable) format.

Barcode Labels requires a minimum of 5,000 locations and has generated databases with over 100,000 Locations.
This same data is then able to be used by Barcode Labels to print each Location label.

Barcode labels recommends sorting your location data to ensure the labels are in printed the order of label application e.g. by level to suit scissor lift application.

Label Design Services

Barcode Labels encourages their clients to adopt good Barcode numbering schemas to ensure maximum Barcode ‘X’ dimension (= longer scanning ranges – such as needed by Forklift drivers) using the least amount of label ‘real-estate’. Barcode Labels has often seen clients, and some competitors, use the wrong Barcode Symbology, have included redundant/repeated data and printed with Barcode heights that do not maximise the ease of scanning from the Forklift driver’s seat. Drivers having to exit their seat to scan a Location Barcode is totally unacceptable.

Barcode Labels provides pdf mock-ups using client data for User testing prior to label production and application.

Barcode Labels has developed and refined Location label formats to help speed up easier operator identification by reducing the font size of redundant or ‘known’ details e.g. Warehouse Zone/Aisle numbers and then increasing the font size of the Bay, Level and Position details. This has been shown to reduce errors.

Barcode Labels has pioneered the design and attachment of its Racking Upright Plates and has seen one large multi-national Logistics company adopt this as a standard format for their Australian warehouses.

Label Application Services

Barcode Labels has labelled well over 100 warehouses over the last 15 years across most Australian States.
One client has employed Barcode Labels Application Services to label over 21 warehouses.

Barcode Labels has developed techniques for the consistent and fast label application that has been copied by its competitors.

Barcode Labels has often arrived at warehouses that are still under construction, some have no mains power but this does not prevent label application.

Barcode Labels staff will have Constructions Cards, Elevated Work Platform licences, supply SWMS, Insurances as well as completing Safety Inductions when required.

Barcode Labels believes it is the only Label Application Services company that can generate the label data, die-cut all the required labels and then applies these. Whilst Barcode Labels prints most labels off-site it does provide on-site label printing should mistakes occur or the client makes last minute changes, and which helps to reduce delays to operation.

Barcode Labels also offers to install warehouse Wi-Fi Access Points as part of labelling (employing certified Data cablers).

Long Range Scanners

We recommend using EX25 Near/Far scanners which can scan up to 15 meters (must be DataMatrix 2D@ 7.62mm Barcode) or Motorola’s 95xx Terminals with long range scanners.

tck See Scanner and example of a 2D Barcode.


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