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Why Is Inventory Tracking Important?

Ever feel like your warehouse or storage facilities are a lost cause? Can’t find where anything is? Don’t know what you’ve got and what you haven’t?

We highly doubt your inventory is in this bad a state, but it’s likely that you still have some room for improvement. That’s where advanced inventory tracking comes into play, helping you organise and categorise your warehouse to the highest standard.

In this post, the experts at Barcode Labels give us their top reasons why inventory tracking is so important, and how you can implement a better inventory management system today.

Accurate stock numbers

The top priority of any warehouse, laboratory, museum, gallery or any other similar functioning business is to have accurate stock numbers. Knowing exactly what you have is crucial to any business. It allows you to order more items when the stock count is low, or locate items at the click of a button.

Barcode labels are the most effective way of keeping an accurate inventory tracking system. They allow you to simply scan an item, add or remove it to the system, transfer it to a different location and keep well on top of every item that enters and exits your warehouse.

Organise and categorise

Keeping the workplace neat is a priority of any professional business. Neatness isn’t just important for the front end of businesses; it’s equally important for the back end too. Keeping your items in designated, categorised locations is another huge perk of inventory tracking. Advanced inventory management systems force you to keep all items neatly organised and categorised in their specific locations.

Failing to do this would negate any benefit of your inventory tracking. For example, you might be able to see how many of a particular item you have, but being unable to locate it due to poor categorisation would render your system useless.

Fast, efficient processes

Good inventory tracking results in fast, efficient processes. Instead of spending 10 minutes searching for an item, you only have to spend one minute. Instead of spending 1 minute identifying items, you can identify them in a split second when you scan their barcode.

‘Time is money’ – a business phrase we hear all the time. If you’re losing time by struggling with inefficient inventory processes, you’re losing money. Think about the other tasks you could be doing instead to drive business through the door!

When you’re ready to make the switch to faster, better inventory tracking, get in touch with Barcode Labels. They’re Australia’s specialists in implementing barcode systems for all types of businesses. From warehousing to laboratories, there isn’t a business that can’t be improved by quicker inventory processes, thanks to the team at Barcode Labels. They offer a full-scale barcode setup service, from supplying your printer to creating specific inventory locations within your business. Contact Barcode Labels for a quote today.

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