As pioneers in the print industry, OKI’s LED print technology has transformed the print industry over the last 20 years. This technology allows for more compact printers with increased energy efficiency, which are also more robust and reliable. The OKI Pro Series Label Printer is the smartest addition to the OKI printer family, and it comes complete with BarTender UltraLite design and print software. This industry-leading software, together with the OKI’s latest in digital LED technology is the solution to fast, easy and accessible printing.

High-quality barcodes and labels are now at your fingertips.

Industry Leading Barcode Software

The Pro Series Label Printer comes with industry-leading BarTender UltraLite design and print software. This software complements the OKI Pro Series Label Printer, making set up faster, reducing costs and ensuring an agile response to in-house printing, or your client’s printing needs.

With simple commands and templates, this software is easy for beginners to learn their way around as there is no need to learn complex printing languages. For professionals, the OKI software also offers more sophisticated options for complex tasks such as variable data printing, barcode creation and data import. To make things even easier, this software is compatible with other standard design software such as Adobe Illustrator and other application-specific softwareScreenshot 1

Other notable BarTender UltraLite Software features:

Label Design Functionality

BarTender software offers a plethora of advanced design functionality to ensure a high level of label customisation.

  • Drag and drop creation of all objects
  • Automatic alignment of multiple objects
  • Full-colour support for text backgrounds and shape fills
  • Customisable printing prompts
  • Library of customisable, reusable components
  • Automatic calculation of label size based on the number of rows and columns

Text Design Functionality

BarTender ensures ease of use when it comes to text design. 

  • Font support for TrueType, Adobe, PostScript, and built-in printer fonts
  • Text editing and sizing on screen
  • Basic paragraph aligning and spacing

Overall Design Functionality

To ensure striking and unique labels, BarTender offers expanded design functionality.

  • Import more than 70 graphic formats such as BMP, GIF, IMG, JPG, PNG, TIF, and more.
  • Ability to draw lines, circles, ellipses, rectangles, rounded rectangles and filled rectangles
  • Industry-specific libraries for graphic symbols and fonts

Barcode Creation Features 

BarTender ensures better barcodes which can be created more easily.

  • A vast library of standard bar code formats
  • Variable and unlimited barcode width and height
  • Sequentially numbered barcodes

Printing Features 

BarTender ensures users are able to fully utilise the most advanced features of the OKI Pro Series Label Printers.

  • True Windows drivers which can be used by other programs
  • Support for local and network printers
  • Pages of partially used labels can be set as starting position

OKI’s Ground-Breaking Technology

Together with BarTender software, the Pro Series Label Printers are capable of on-demand print applications. Unlike heavy-duty machines which aren’t geared for narrow format print jobs and small print runs, the Pro Series is made to print any quantity of labels from a single label to many thousands. This functionality offers smaller print houses and in-house printers more flexibility in terms of volume while removing proofing delays and drastically cutting down on wastage. Small print houses no longer need to turn down smaller jobs and they can offer high quality, unique labels at exact quantities.

Screenshot 4

Pro Series Label Printer Models

The Pro Series Label Printer comes in two variations; the Pro1040 CMYK four-colour label printer and the Pro1050 CMYKW five-colour label printer which includes white. The addition of white to the printing process allows for a greater variety of design flexibility, opening up options for printing on a variety of coloured or metallic substrates which would otherwise be difficult to print on to.

OKI Pro Series label printers use the latest in digital LED technology to deliver eye-catching prints on a variety of different materials with ease. From uncoated and glossy, to textured papers as well as a variety of synthetic mediums, the Pro Series ensures a high-quality print.

The Pro Series Label Printer offers more accurate, vibrant and impressive prints with the added option of small print runs and speciality narrow format print jobs.

Screenshot 5

OKI Pro Series Label Printer Specifications

In addition to agility and flexibility, you can count on OKI’s pioneering technology to ensure industry-leading print quality.

  • 1200 dpi
  • High definition colour printing
  • CMYK or CMYKW printer option
  • Reduce wastage
  • Print and cut labels using roll to roll option as well as full-bleed labels
  • Easy to switch between paper and synthetic substrates

OKI Barcode Label Versatility and Applications

In conjunction with BarTender label printing software, OKI Pro Series printers offer the best results for all types of printed labels across all media types. With LED dry toner technology, your high-quality prints are also rugged and waterproof for applications ranging from product labels and events printing to industrial and outdoor labelling.

Product Labelling

Pro Series is efficient on food, beverage and household products which stand up to both ordinary conditions as well as freezer and cold storage.

Event Printing Requirements 

Entrance passes, wrist bands and ID badges are subjected to heavy wear, but the OKI Pro Series ensures a rugged, waterproof print.

Industrial and Outdoor Product Labels

Labels which contain crucial safety labels have to adhere to strict safety standards, the Pro Series ensures multiple colours, narrow format, waterproof labels printed on Teslin are able to withstand underwater conditions for the EU mandated period.

In the instance of outdoor labels for horticulture, Pro Series labels are also waterproof and UV resistant for up to one year.

Security and Tamper Indicating Labels

As if OKI Pro Series label printers weren’t impressive enough, they also offer a wide variety of tamper indicating options such as revealing void messages on removal. Such labels can be used in automotive, consumer electronic, warranty, security seal and tracking identification applications.

OKI is a business-to-business brand which has worked together with Seagull Scientific, using BarTender label printing software to produce innovative barcode label printing options. Pro Series printers are ideal for small print houses and in-house printing. For more information, contact Barcode Labels today.

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