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How Do I Scan A Barcode And Print Labels?

Barcodes have revolutionised almost every facet of trading in the modern world. From the warehouse to the doorstep, barcodes are the vehicle that get your products wherever you need them to go.

But barcodes aren’t just good at storing information on products. They are also, in a way, self-multiplying, making them incredibly easy to make more of when you need them.

In this post, the experts at Barcode Labels tell us just how easy it is to scan barcodes in order to make more of them.

Use a quality software

In order to copy and print barcodes with a barcode scanner, you need the correct software first. Thankfully, there’s a range of software out there which can help you this, and the team at Barcode Labels can guide you on which one to choose.

Invest in a professional label printer

You also need a top notch professional label printer in your arsenal to scan and print barcode labels. These specially-designed, fast-working printers can print up to a massive 10,000 barcodes a day, depending on which make and model you’re investing in. Barcode Labels supply a full range of barcode label printers, from nimble desktop printers to high performance industrial printers.

Choose a reliable scanner

Barcode scanners are also a necessary part of the process. These reliable, heavy-duty, drop-proof scanners are able to decode the information contained on a barcode label within a split second. Barcode Labels can also guide you when choosing a long range barcode scanner.

Scanning and printing barcode labels

Once you have the tools you need, scanning and printing barcode labels is incredibly easy. All you need to do is understand how to use your software, scan the barcode into the software system, and, at the click of a button, print off as many barcode labels as you need.

Benefits of the scan-and-print method

There are a ton of benefits scanning and printing off barcode labels:

  • Rapid process
    The quickest way to create more barcode labels for your business is to scan them into your printing system and print them off. At the click of a button, you can generate hundreds and hundreds of more barcodes, saving you oodles of time.
  • Bulk printing ability
    The scan-and-print method allows you to print bulk barcodes to the exact shape and size that you need.
  • Variable sizes
    You can also print different sizes of barcode in the very same batch. Instead of needing a different batch for different sized barcodes, you can save time and money by including them all in the same one.

Barcode Labels are Australia’s specialists in implementing barcode systems for all types of businesses. From warehousing to laboratories, there isn’t a business that can’t be improved by quicker inventory processes, thanks to the team at Barcode Labels. They offer a full-scale barcode setup service, from supplying your printer to creating specific inventory locations within your business. Contact Barcode Labels for a quote today.

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