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Barcode Sizes For Warehouses

Need to make your warehouse run smoother, faster and become more productive? Barcodes are the solution. For the better part of a century, they’ve been the single most important inventory tool for warehouses, retail stores, laboratories, museums and many other types of businesses across the world.

But not all barcodes will do the same thing for the same applications. Barcode size, for example, is one thing you need to get correct before anything else. In this post, the specialists at Barcode Labels shed some light on barcode sizes for warehouses and outline the correct sizes for the correct function.

How to measure a barcode

We measure barcodes by the X-dimension, which is the thinnest bar in your barcode. The wider your X-dimension, the further away you can scan your barcode from. X-dimensions are measured in mil, which is 1/1000 of an inch. A 10 mil X-dimension, for example, can be scanned from a maximum of about 3 feet away.

Location and purpose

Two of the main factors which influence the necessary size of your barcodes (and influence each other, also) are location and purpose. The location of each barcode in your warehouse is directly connected to its purpose. For example, a hanging sign in an aisle of your warehouse performs a very different function to a container label.

Container labels might only need an X-dimension of 10 mil, suitable for scanning them from about 3 feet away. Hanging signs in your warehouse, on the other hand, need to be able to be scanned from much further distances – say 20-50 feet. The size of these barcodes are far greater than product and container labels.

Guide for warehouse labels and their corresponding size

Below, we’ve outlined an approximate guide which can help you understand the general sizes of warehouse barcode labels, depending on what function they perform. The experts at Barcode Labels can implement all of the barcode types listed here, helping you improve your inventory processes immensely.

  • Hanging Sign – 100 mil barcode, retro-reflective label
  • High Rack Level 4 Labels – 100 mil barcode, wrap-around retro-reflective label
  • High Rack Level 3 Labels – 80 mil barcode, retro-reflective label
  • Medium-height Rack Level 2 Label – 50 mil barcode, polyester label
  • Multi-Level Rack Labels –20 mil barcode, polyester label
  • Container Labels –10-15 mil barcode, polyester label
  • Short Rack Level 1 Label – 20 mil barcode, polyester label
  • Pallet Labels – 20 mil barcode, polyester label
  • Floor Label – 50 mil barcode, polyester label
  • Cold Storage Label – 0.6 mil all-temperature adhesive

Barcode Labels are Australia’s specialists in implementing barcode systems for all types of businesses. From warehousing to laboratories, there isn’t a business that can’t be improved by quicker inventory processes, thanks to the team at Barcode Labels. They offer a full-scale barcode setup service, from supplying your printer to creating specific inventory locations within your business. Contact Barcode Labels for a quote today.

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