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5 Benefits Of Pre-Printed Barcodes

Barcodes are a life-saving tool for businesses across the world. They save time, increase accuracy and allow business owners to focus on other areas of running the business. If you’re newly implementing a barcode system in your business, you’re probably tossing up between pre-printed barcodes or investing in your own quality printer. While they’re both great options, here are 5 main perks of pre-printed barcodes.

1) Perfect for small batches

If only have a relatively small number of products, then you’ll probably only need a small amount of barcodes to be printed. It’s inconvenient and expensive to go out and buy a high quality barcode label printer if you’ll rarely need to use it. That’s where pre-printed labels have the advantage – they’re perfect for when you only need to print small batches.

2) High quality, each and every time

When you order a batch of pre-printed labels from a professional barcoding team like Barcode Labels, you can bet that they’ll be top quality each and every time. The material of choice will always be high quality and the barcodes will have a high DPI of over 200. This way, you don’t have to worry about setting up a printer and doing numerous test runs before you achieve a set of high DPI barcodes.

3) Custom-made to your needs

Pre-printed labels can be custom-made to however you need them. Let’s say your barcodes need to have a high chemical resistance, as they’re used on chemical products. Pre-printed barcodes can be made using polyimide which is highly resistant to chemical exposure. Custom shapes are also available when you opt for pre-printed labels. Many businesses require barcode shapes that are unusual, turning to a professional barcoding service to help them.

4) Saves you investing in a barcode printer

Like we discussed before, you wouldn’t invest in a barcode printer if you’re not printing out high volumes of barcodes every day. Pre-printed labels may work out cheaper in the long term, depending on the volume of labels you require. Barcode label printers can quickly pay for themselves, but this is usually the case for large warehouses that churn out a ton of products per week.

5) Quick turnaround when you choose a professional team

If you choose a reputable barcode printing service, your pre-printed labels will be ready in no more than a few days. Barcode Labels, for example, only require 1-3 days before shipment for standard label sizes and materials. Custom label sizes and clear over-laminated labels require 5-10 days on top of this.

Barcode Labels are your national experts on pre-printed barcodes, servicing a number of regular clients and helping them improve accuracy in their inventory processes. They can ship pre-printed barcode labels Australia-wide within a matter of days, so get in touch with Barcode Labels and order a batch today.

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