About Us and Our Firsts and Foremosts...

1986 - We purchased our first Barcode Label Printer - an Intermec 8404 - Impact Drum Printer. You needed hearing protection when it was running!
We used this for many years for Printed Circuit Board Barcode labels, Chicken Breeding Tags and Fixed Asset Tracking Labels.

1988 - We purchased the first of many Thermal Transfer Barcode Label Printers - an Intermec 8646 - it had an incredible 100 dpi resolution!

2013 - Today we operate over 6 Label Printers ranging from 203 dpi, 300 dpi to 406 dpi. The 300 dpi and 406 dpi resolutions ensure smoother graphics and greater range of GS1 Barcode Magnifications which the more common 203dpi Printers cannot print.

Our latest Printer is a wide head (167mm @ 300dpi) Intermec PX6i and used mostly for high volume GTIN13 labels and our increasingly popular large Retro-Reflective Block Stack Location ID Labels.
Our customers report they are easily scanning these Location ID labels which are hanging from their warehouse ceilings at over 8 meters high and well clear of their stacked pallets but which require long range scanners.
We recommend using Intermec's EX25 Near/Far scanners which can scan up to 15 meters (must be DataMatrix 2D @ 7.62mm Barcode) or Motorola's 95xx Terminals with long range scanners.
See Scanner and example of a 2D Barcode below.

Intermec X25 Near/Far Scanner DataMatrix 2D Barcode