Pre-Printed Barcode Labels...

Barcode Labels offers a wide range of Pre-Printed label sizes, label materials, backing types and Over-lamination for increased scuff-resistance (Requires purchase of minimum quantities):
  • Plain or Gloss, white or coloured (note: not all colours work with Barcodes), paper or plastic (Polypropylene, Polyester) suitable for Thermal Transfer Printing (recommended where long label life required),
  • Direct Thermally Sensitive Paper or Polypropylene for non-ribbon Printing. Recommended for GS1-13, GS1-14 and GS1-SSCC Labels,
  • Tags - Paper card or Tyvek™ with perforation, square or die-cut corners with or with-out 'C' type cut hole for swing tag attachment. May need a Black Registration Mark underneath to indicate next Tag/Label.
  • 'VOID' Tamper-evident material available.
  • Logo and custom shapes - Multi-coloured logos and artwork may require additional processing steps.

All Labels are quoted $/1,000 (excl. GST and F & H) labels. Supplied wound onto rolls (extra charges for rewinding onto multiple and labelled rolls).
Label orientation either 'narrow edge leading' or 'wide edge leading' - This simply describes how the label exits the Printer.
Labels can be supplied more than 1 across - our largest Printhead width is 165mm but design must leave min. 2mm between labels and outside edges.
We stock a wide range of blank label sizes and types ranging from 6mm x 26mm Polyester to 100mm x 200mm Direct Thermal.

  • All Logos require electronic artwork with resolution at least 300dpi. Multi-colour logos subject to separate quotation which includes cost of printing plates.
  • If standard label size and material - allow 1 to 3 working days before shipment. Same Day despatch subject to extra charge.
  • If custom label size required - add 5 to 10 working days.
  • If Clear Over-Lamination required - add 5 to 10 working days
  • All shipments via TNT Overnight or Express Post.

Contact us for further assistance with your needs including samples:
Tel: 1300 369 513
Fax: 02 9413 4261
109 Ashley Street

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