How to add GS1 Barcode Labels to your Products

Would you like to add GS1 product barcode to your items? Here is a simple step by step process to show you how:

  1. Apply for a Company Barcode Number from
    This number comprises a Country Prefix ('93' for Australia) plus your unique Company Number (5 or 7 digits). You then add your Product Number (3 or 5 numeric and which must never be duplicated) plus 1 Check Digit.
    The Check digit is optional as we will calculate this. The total number of digits must be 13 (with the Check Digit included). See example at top of this web page. North America uses UPC which is a 12 digit number.
  2. Purchase a GS1 Image (.eps) for each Product from Barcode Labels (
    Our Prices start 1-4 @ $12.00 each (+ GST) with same day turnaround.
  3. Send Image(s) to whoever is preparing the Artwork or your Printing Company.
    Tell them never to crop or alter the image as it may fail Verification Testing at GS1.
  4. Send samples of your Products which include the printed Barcodes attached to GS1 for Verification Testing. They test not only the Barcode's conformance to international standards but also its correct placement on your product.
  5. Send GS1 Verification Report (if Passed) to your Customer and they will then allow your shipments to be receipted at their Outlets and Distribution Centres.
  6. Many larger Retailers will also require both GS1 GTIN14 - Trade Unit Barcode Labels attached to each Inner Package (an Inner Pack holds multiple GTIN13 Barcoded Items) as well as a number of GS1 SSCC (Shipping Serial Container Code) Pallet Labels.
    Barcode Labels can also prepare SSCC labels on your behalf and email in PDF file to enable printing at your Warehouse. Each SSCC must be sequentially numbered so care must be taken not to label separate Pallets with duplicates.

Our customers can also add a GS1 product barcode with ease thanks to our self-adhesive labels (each 30mm x 40mm) - just email us a spreadsheet with 3 columns = your GS1 product number + 1 line description (must be short) + quantity of each label. Minimum overall total of 2,000 labels per order applies.

Or contact us to help explain what is required....
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Request a Quote for GS1 Images and Printed GS1 Labels (

GS1 SSCC Pallet Labels.
GS1 GTIN 14 - Trade Unit Label.
GS1 GTIN13 (EAN13) Barcode.
GS1 Company Prefix

The GTIN (previously called EAN13) Barcode must be printed or applied as a self-adhesive label onto each individual Sales unit.
No text, graphics or different background colours is allowed inside the Light Margins (excepting of course the GTIN Barcode).
The .eps Barcode image must never be converted to another graphics format, cropped or stretched such that the resulting printed Barcode may fail GS1 Verification Testing. GS1 measures each and every bar and space width and height to ensure optimal decoding speed at the Point-of-Sale Check Out Counter.
The X-Dimension is the width of the narrowest bar.

GS1 EAN13 Dimensions