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Are you searching for fast and efficient barcode printing software? Let our experienced team provide you with a solution.Barcode Labels has been using and selling BarTender® from Seagull Scientific USA since early 1990's. BarTender is considered to be the world's most popular barcode label software as it is easy to use, convenient and reliable.

BarTender Automation and Enterprise Automation with Commander.

BarTender Automation with Commander Integration

Commander is a software utility, provided with both the automation editions of BarTender. This enables you to perform automatic printing using BarTender in situations where it is not convenient or possible to perform automation using ActiveX or command lines. Commander can be run as an application or as a Windows service.

When a system needs to print, it simply performs a triggering action, such as placing a file in a location of your choosing on the network, transmitting an e-mail, sending data via RS-232 (a serial port). Commander detects the arrival or occurrence of these “triggers” and then “wakes up” BarTender so it can merge your data into the label design and automatically print your labels. Our experienced team is able to provide upgrades, consultancy and training for both BarTender and Commander.

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Example of uses for BarTender Automation
Using BarTender with Weighing Scales
BarTender v10 - ID Card Printing now available.
Bartender Printed Access Card

BarTender v10 now has the components required to incorporate the capture of photographs and other graphic scans into the production of ID cards and avoids a tedious and time-consuming process and which includes:
• Real-time image capture from video cameras, including live preview. (Supports DirectShow and Video for Windows (VFW).)

• Interface to most digital cameras and scanners. (Supports WIA, TWAIN, and browsing for a file.)

• Automatic face detection and centering

• On-command image capture

• Data entry forms to accept user data from the keyboard

• Versatile database connectivity

• Works stand-alone or from within your other software.